April 02, 2020

Does Casual Dating Have an Expiration Date?: Find Out How Long You Should Casually Date Someone

Like all relationships, casual dating is something that will be different for every person. A lot of people ask whether there's a specific time limit on casual relationships or how long a relationship can be "casual" before it eventually becomes more serious. A general rule of thumb with casual dating is that how long you date anyone, for any reason, really depends on what you want and are looking for in terms of a relationship.

Time Doesn’t Guarantee a Stronger Connection

Some people may develop a stronger connection by spending too much time with a casual hookup or partner. Others may have that connection after too many encounters, no matter how much time has elapsed. Still, however, there are plenty of adults who can maintain casual relationships for months, and even years, in some cases, so long as it suits their needs and fits their lifestyle.

Casual dating is entirely different than traditional dating and relationships. There are usually rules among people who are involved in casual relationships, and some people may even lie about certain aspects of their "real life" or withhold information because it isn't relevant or important. If you're feeling a connection with a casual partner that's more than a "good time" vibe, you might want to discuss where things stand and whether it's time to call it quits or make a change. You should always start with open communication and a set of rules so that if either of you feels like the lifespan of your casual relationship has elapsed, you can discuss it openly at any point in time.

Setting the Terms

The key to enjoying the casual relationship to the fullest, for however long it lasts, and knowing when to exit gracefully or move to the next level, is to set the terms from the beginning. Both partners should agree upon, and be fully aware of, the terms of the casual hookup or dating arrangement. Discuss things like:

·       Whether or not you intend to be exclusive (most casual relationships aren’t)

·       What you are looking for or expecting from the relationship

·       How much time and effort you are willing to commit to the relationship

·       Whether regular meetings are permitted and how frequently

·       What to do if and when either party feels the "casual” is turning serious or things aren’t working out any longer

If may sound very formal, but when you have these things in place ahead of time, you will be able to fully enjoy the extent of your casual dating and hookups because you won’t have to worry about the "what ifs” and the "what happens next” concerns.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to "how long is too long" to date or hookup casually, that's a decision that's entirely up to you and the partner with whom you're involved. If you set parameters and terms ahead of time, you'll both be on the same page and can enjoy your casual relationship to the fullest extent, no matter how long it lasts.

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September 25, 2017

How to turn the online chat to offline hookup

Most people who meet new dates on hookup apps will likely spend several days or weeks chatting with them before they eventually get a date to meetup. There is nothing wrong with this, as long as you can wait enough to meet that special person. If you want to turn your online chat to offline hookup within the shortest period of time, there are some tips and ideas you should consider making use of, and these include the following;

#1: Do not appear desperate

Most women will tell you that desperation is a turn off for them, especially when a man is persistently asking for a date, when he has actually chatted for few minutes or hours with the other person on the hook up website or app. People who appear needy and suffering from infatuation may find it extremely difficult to date the person they meet on social apps.

#2: Feel attracted to her through your attitude

If you got a response from her on your first message, there is a high chance that she is attracted to you, however, you must not blow up this chance by trying to take advantage. Make sure you amplify the attraction she has in you by trying to be polite and care about her. You must focus more on being friends that asking her out on a date on your first chat. A positive attitude also means getting to know more about her and discussing about general issues. She will definitely want to hookup with you when the issue of a date eventually arise.

#3: Make her feel safe

Honestly speaking, most women using free hookup apps don’t feel safe on such media, hence the only way she can gain your trust is to make her feel safe. They know that men and bigger, and much stronger than women hence they can easily overpower the woman and she will definitely feel nervous and anxious to meet a man she just met over the internet. Making her feel safe does not mean you have to overdo it because women may think being too nice can be creepy. Don’t go pleading or begging and o not text her and say you are a nice guy , ask her about the places she loves to visit or hangout , then politely request if you can take her to one of those places, if she says know, then change the topic and let her know that you are not insisting.

#4: Make a quick move

Now that your back and forth messages have made her feel more attracted and safe, it is time to make a quick move. Time is precious and you don’t have to start chatting about irrelevant things that can get her bored (women get bored quickly). Within your first 2 hours of chatting you should have asked her once if you can get to meet her, because most women are also chatting with other men, especially on the best casual hookup apps. You have her attention now and tomorrow, you are not guaranteed that you will have her attention once again.

Remember, the more you chat with women on hookup dating app, the more information you give to them about yourself, hence you should ask them out once or twice within the first 2 hours of your chat, one of them at least will want to hookup with you in her preferred location.

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